The band




Andreas Ålöv is the bassist and lead vocalist of the band. He was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and he’s spent the better part of the last 20 years doing all kinds of music. He currently works as a music teacher/freelance musician. When he’s not playing in A Secret River, he holds down the low end for swedish metal band Empire 21.





John Bergstrand handles all things percussive in the band. Hailing from Lerum, just outside Gothenburg, he fell in love with the drums at age 7 and today he teaches drums and percussion in Eksjö. John is frequently in demand as a session drummer, and has worked with, among others, swedish pop sensation Nejra.




Mikael Grafström joined the band in 2012, with a background playing folk music in constellations such as Bjärv and Vallevan. As a guitar player in A Secret River, he’s greatly expanded the band’s sound with his rich tones, adding just a sweet touch of folk music to the compositions. Mikael also works as music teacher, something that seems to be a common theme in the band.




Björn Sandberg was added to the lineup in early 2014. As a church musician, he knows his way around the keyboard. The band had been looking for a keyboard player for quite some time, and it’s no small job, mastering a multitude of sounds and layers. When Björn showed up, the band knew their search was over. Björn hails from Tofteryd in Småland.