It’s impossible to decide exactly when the band originated. John and Andreas met up at school back in 1995, and soon bonded over progressive rock. Despite moving to different places in Sweden, pursuing higher education, they always ended up creating new music whenever there was time. Over the years, it became clear that their efforts would result in a proper band. During those formative years, much of the basic sound of the band was shaped as songs and pieces of songs were recorded, arranged and rearranged. What had started out as a project leaning towards progressive metal took on a more commercial and perhaps ambient quality. The focus came to be the song itself, with lush vocal harmonies and unusual but innovative song structures.



Patience turned out to be the key to success, as the first few songs saw the light of day. In 2012, the band recorded and released a 3 song EP containing the songs ”Blinding Light”, ”Starbomb” and ”Are You Coming With Me”. This EP found its way into the hands of quite a few people, and it wasn’t long before PROG magazine featured the band and included ”Blinding Light” on its cover cd. A Secret River were also played on a number of radio stations, mainly across Europe and the US. Over the coming years, the lineup was completed as Mikael Grafström joined on guitar, enhancing the bands’ sound with his beautiful blend of folk music and rock. Keyboardist Björn Sandberg was the final piece of the puzzle, joining the band in early 2014.


On june 25th, 2014 the band released their debut album, entitled ”Colours of Solitude”.